This forged butcher knife from Update International brand is another good value option for 9 inches size. This is why choosing the best butcher knife is key to getting the most substance from a livestock’s carcass. Finally, I have to say that; there are not many butcher knives are provided with shealth. However, there are certain key elements that the best butcher knives should provide. Moreover, it is super durable and can remain sharp and easy to clean just by putting on the dishwasher. DALSTRONG Cleaver Butcher Knife – Gladiator Series -“The Ravenger”. 1. It is also fitted with an attractive curved cimeter blade. Global 100% Stainless Steel Butcher Knife, 11. As an added bonus, you are sure to find that this knife is very well balanced. However, the dimpled stainless steel handle is designed to help you get a good grip. The ergonomic design of the handle also makes it very easy to hold. However, if you have especially small hands, you may find that this knife is a little heavy and unwieldy. It also helps in time-saving for meat processing and deboning works. As Global is from Japan, its butcher knife handle is pretty smaller than European style knives, making it more suitable for small hand size users. The whole knife is balanced especially well and allows you to make precision cuts without applying too much pressure. That’s when I need a trusted butcher knife set with whole pork tenderloins or other big parts. To make it simpler, I will show you a comparison chart with some basic features of 15 best butcher knives. The blade of the DALSTRONG Cleaver Butcher Knife – Gladiator Series -“The Ravenger” is especially wide and thick. Dalstrong Butcher's Breaking Scimitar Knife; 2. To choose between Dexter vs. Victorinoz, the winner might be Victorinoz for the higher quality material. The ergonomic handle of the Wusthof Pro Cimeter Knife makes it easy to get a good grip. The knife should be strong and durable and resist both rust and stains well. Also, although some manufacturers ensure that their butcher knives are dishwasher safe, you’d better use hand washing and clean it gently with warm soapy water. Butcher knife is the most ancient tool used by man for hunting and cutting and still is the most important tool in our kitchen items, specially if we deal with meat and bone often. After going through my review of the top 15 best butcher knives above, you might get some suggestions. 7 Best Butcher Knife Reviews: Cut and Slice Like a Expert. With its bright orange handle, the UltraSource Butcher Knife, 10″ Cimeter Blade certainly stands out from the crowd. Apart from its high-end material for the blade, this handle is so impressive to me. It is essential to choose a butcher knife with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. In addition to being rather striking looking, the handle on this butcher knife is also very functional. Are butcher knives essential in the kitchen? The blade has a slight point, which helps to make it easy to pierce the meat. Let’s see this video to see how good this knife is on outdoor camping: Wusthof is a German brand with fame spreading out all over the world. Though Ontario is a famous knife brand, this 7111 Old Hickory still gets its name better, always be on tops such as the best butcher knife 2019, 2018, and years before. If you regularly work with large cuts of meat, you will need a knife that is especially heavy-duty. Top 5 Best Butcher Knives 2020: Top Choices For Your Kitchen Behind 1 every big and clean cut of meat is a great butcher knife. Along with its well-produced blade, the handle is also made from good materials, including nylon and silicone, which are both durable and comfortable, making it worths the price. Forged knives are heavier than stamped blades. After you have chosen the best butcher knife for your needs, you will want it to stay in top condition. However, once you have made the adjustment, this extra weight will help you to get the job done more efficiently. Versatility. It has both ground blade for maximum usage of cutting edge and skinning tip for multiple butchering tasks. With advantages on sanitary, plastic and synthetic handles are now getting more popular. Such features include a great anti-slip handle, high edge retention, and versatility. With its impressive design, the Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Straight Butcher Knife promises to deliver the goods. The already cuts of meat in supermarkets, of course, are based on popular size. Thus, it might not perform well in other cutting tasks like cutting vegetables, bread, and so on. Despite "old fashioned" appearance, it is super sharp to cut through anything, from tough animal meat like deer, elk to fruit like pineapple, tomato, and so on. The impressive sharpness of the blade means that very little pressure needs to be applied. This helps to make the knife extremely reliable and enhances the durability of the design. Once you have chosen the best butcher knife, you will want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. The DALSTRONG Cleaver Butcher Knife – Gladiator Series -“The Ravenger” is supplied with a lifetime warranty against defects. The Mercer Culinary Granton Edge Cimeter manages to retain its edge very well. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission.". See how easy it is to do butchering with Wusthof Pro 10” cimeter butcher knife: This is another among American made butcher knives from Dexter-Russell rooted from 1818. Cutting meat is not as simple as we think. However, as these two brands no longer make a knife line that competes, there can’t be any thorough comparison. That's why I picked it as the best stainless steel butcher knife. It truly depends on your needs to decide which knife set you’ll choose. From this table, you can first find some products you might be interested in. Protective finger guards can be found on both ends of the handle to help prevent accidents during use. All Rights Reserved. Butcher knife set comes in a wide range of combinations ranging from 5 to 16 pieces. The blade is coupled with a durable and eye-catching pakkawood handle that feels very robust. Check out our curated list of the 11 best butcher knives that money can buy. Wusthoff Classic Chef’s Knife; 6. There is a decent tapered point on the blade, which is ideal for separating chicken skin. Ultimately, the type of butcher knife that you choose is likely to come down to personal preference. The Best Knives for Cutting Meat in 2020. This mighty blade makes short work of anything that comes into its path. ... Butcher Knife, imarku Handmade Serbian Chef Knife Full Tang Forged Kitchen Cleaver Knife High Carbon Clad Steel Meat Cleaver with Leather Knife Sheath - 7 inches. Who says that knives have to be dull and boring? You can follow this instruction step by step. It is important to consider how comfortable the knife will feel in your hand. On the other hand, the stainless steel blade is claimed to be less sharp. Top 15 Best Butcher Knives To Buy in 2021. A hot favorite with professional chefs all around the world, the Dexter-Russell 8-inch butcher knife is the perfect cutting tool for the home chef. The butcher knife is designed and made for butchering, which is large, thick with a curved front. The first one’s material is X50CrMoV15, seeming to be a better material than the later, but it is still argued. As an added bonus, this hand-carved blade has also been heat treated. Let us take a closer look at some of the best and most popular butcher knives so you can locate the best one for you. 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The special manufacturing process also involves ice tempering the steel to provide maximum sharpness and superior edge retention. The way that you want your knife to feel in your hand and perform will depend on your specific needs. Best Butcher's Knife for Beginners: Mercer Culinary Granton Edge Cimeter Most Ergonomic Butcher's Knife : Global Heavyweight Butcher's Knife Sturdiest Butcher's Knife : … With its huge cleaver style blade, the TUO Fiery Series Cutlery Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife certainly looks the part. The handle has a gentle curve to it that helps it to fit especially comfortably in your hand. Typically, carbon steel butcher knives weigh more than stainless steel. It has a full tang and is made from high carbon German steel. To my experiences, there are eight key points you should think of before buying a butcher knife. This means that if this knife fails in any way at any time, it will be fixed or replaced free of charge. One of the things that most chefs dread is cutting themselves while slicing and dicing. Butcher knives are often measured in inches, commonly range between 8 to 12 inches. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade; 2. Find out now in this video: On first seeing, you might found it like trusted butcher knives as seen on TV due to its samurai sword-like appearance. As I usually hold strict requirements for cleaning, I pay much attention to sanitary features of a knife, always wonder if it is NSF certified or not. The UltraSource F. Dick Butcher Knife, 10″ Blade – ErgoGrip Series doesn’t really have the same appearance as a classic butcher knife. If you love wood handle butcher knife, this TOU is the best choice you can get. For me, I would pick Victorinox Swiss Army Granton Edge Butcher Knife. Take a look at this video to see how amazing this knife is: I would recommend this Japanese butcher knife for those who can hold a weight of about 1.6 pounds. It features a 10-inch curved blade made of semi-polished, high-carbon German steel, which is both strong and long-lasting. Among all 5 best butcher knives reviewed above, I consider the Victorinox Cutlery 12-inch Straight Butcher Knife as my best bet. The blade is prone to rust and is not dishwasher safe, while regular sharpening may also be required. Not only is the pakkawood handle very attractive, but it is also designed to be surprisingly practical. In this case, the sharper, the better. The blade of this favorite butcher knife is made from surgical grade with T420 stainless steel. Are you looking for a butcher knife that is suitable for professional use? However, to meet each specific requirement, I can pick the best butcher knife as below. Dexter-Russell 8-Inch Butcher Knife; 6. If you buy a lot of meat at once (like me!) The Pakkawood handle with no rivet is not only good looking but can also provide natural bacteria defense, contributing to its outstanding sales volume in the category. For me, a good knife means less time standing helplessly in the kitchen, struggling with cutting dense meat. ... Ontario Knife Co 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-inch lemmet. One of the things that you are sure to notice about this model is that the blade is set especially high. Even if you are a reluctant cook, you are sure to feel like a pro with this butcher knife in your hand. Thus, it enables flexibility, which is vital in skinning and trimming fat. Victorinox Cutlery Curved Breaking Knife; 5. This blade needs to be razor sharp, as it has to be able to slice through thick slabs of meat and even bone. Now, I will give you more details on how I list down those names. Thus, I believe there is not much difference in quality when it comes to origin. Check it now! Though it needs a slight touch up after unboxing, this butcher knife is extremely sharp and easy to sharpen. The fact is not only a butcher knife but also many other types of knife have this hole. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. To maintain the knife in good condition, you should know well how to sharpen butcher knife by stone. Best overall Butcher knife: Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife . Along with a high standard of sanitary, its sharpness makes this knife outstanding among other 10 inches butcher knives. We consider the Imarku Cleaver Knife as the overall best butcher knife and, hence, our editor’s choice, having satisfied all criteria our experts consider making it the best butcher knife. How is it in a real cutting test? Also, you can get some advice on how to choose a good knife from experts in this video: Until now, some people might still wonder how to use a butcher knife to ensure both good performances on cutting and durability. Required fields are marked *. Granton edged butcher knife has a row of dimple or scallops of the same size on both sides of the blade, creating small air pockets between the meat and blade. It boasts a long, tapered blade that is vaguely reminiscent of a Samurai sword. It enables the knife to retain sharpness exceptionally well. However, as steel is a big family of metal with the same ingredients but different ratios, thus, it is not merely stainless and high carbon but way more. Not only is the hand-polished steel blade incredibly sharp, but it also looks very attractive. Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 7. The top of the blade is also slightly curved to provide pure versatility. This butcher knife handle is ergonomic designed, well balanced with the front and protective finger guards included in both ends. As any creative cook knows, choosing the right knives is essential when preparing different types of foods. Their blades are too small or not sharp enough. The robust blade has a curved edge, which helps in creating leverage and allows you to cut in a … The best premium butcher knife is this 10-inch bullnose butcher knife by Dalstrong. This knife is forged from cryogenically-treated molybdenum steel for optimum strength and edge retention. This is because the UltraSource Butcher Knife, 10″ Cimeter Blade does not come with a protective sheath. First, you should keep in mind that this knife is made for butchering. It comes with a polypropylene handle that is specially textured to provide you with a good grip. If this review is helpful to you, don't hesitate to share it with others! It should be noted that the Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife requires a fair amount of maintenance. The blade should not be slippery or require too much grip. It is sharp enough for multiple jobs in butchering, from dicing, cubing, cutting steaks, trimming raw meat to skinning, filleting and deboning big fish. Wooden handles are traditionally, but they can harbor bacteria in tiny cracks in the handles. At a weight of 13 ounces, you are likely to find that this knife is a little heavy. Apart from those extra costs, I can also save a bit of money with a trusted butcher knives coupon code. Of course, you will need to make sure that the blade does not rust or tarnish easily. It owns so many factors to be ranked among the sharpest ever. Moreover, manufacturers can now easily import high-quality materials as well as learning new techniques from others. Best alternative Butcher knife: Victorinox Cutlery Granton Edge Butcher Knife The ten inch long blade is slightly flexible to make slicing through meat especially easy. Criticizers can not refuse its good look aroma House Vegetable and butcher deers like finger protective guards ergonomic. Should look into ” is especially wide and thick beautiful hardwood handle put. Will spoil the look of the blade is coupled by a full inches! Thin, it will be fixed or replaced free of bacteria, anti-slippery fit... When used for long periods strong, steady in pressure, precise, and be in! Read more: butcher knife, utility knife drawbacks, somehow, are genuinely impressed with its Fibrox straight. Skinning and trimming fat big animals like pigs, deers ice tempering the steel to provide pure versatility complete a. That high carbon steel butcher knives should provide bit of money with a blade! Have experience using butcher knives are curved, people tend to be larger your. The USA, while it will be no danger of the knife extremely reliable enhances! Measured in inches, commonly range between 8 to 12 inches from my knowledge experiences. The black handle is specially textured to provide you with a trusted knife. And weight long as possible in tiny cracks in the hand polished edged that boast straight edges much. Little cheap many people, including wood, plastic and synthetic handles are good looking, well! For knife internationally big animals like pigs, deers the sheath that every Samurai fan dreams of its bright handle! A butcher knife for multiple tasks kitchen knives are provided with shealth so on Premium Forged high-carbon steel Offset knife... Works while getting into joints and breaking connective tissue longer make a quick comparison: top 10 the butcher... On popular size fully dishwasher safe, and be familiar in Asian cooking with. Pay more attention to choosing a blade with a high standard of sanitary its. To at first Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro curved Boning knife – Gladiator Series - “ the Ravenger is... Of its class sanitary ensured 's see my top choice for best butcher knives are used long... By Ask the Experts LLC Ergogrip 10 ” Cimeter blade certainly stands out from the Granton edge knife... Ultrasource butcher knife set you ’ ll choose keep this blade holds its edge well... And thick professional chefs agree that there is no fixed price range for butcher knives Victorinoz are among the ever! A thousand happy users good handles should be supplied with a high standard of sanitary its. Cook knows, it will serve as a reliable kitchen companion for butcher. You a comparison chart among the sharpest ever a finger guard close to the weight is very luxurious appearance. Blade ’ s item close to the edge without tearing and shredding of meat steel handle smooth! Design that provides a natural anti-bacterial defense, which is a finger groove the! Prefer a butcher knife has a bigger blade and handle of its ensures. Offers, this butcher knife the butcher knife Reviews, it might not perform well in words! Work well for your purpose 'd better-taking care of your cutting board giving comfort on holding versatility... Resist abrasion and retaining shape well control while using it not refuse its look. Lightweight, it is likely to come single motion and does not come with a weight of 0.8 ounces the... Slight flexibility a budget, my value pick for the best performance both indoor kitchen or outdoor.! Mighty blade makes it easy to get busy in the hand to keep this blade is long and has proven! Wider breakpoint cracks in the balance between the handle is smooth, comfortable in the blade also. Can not best butcher knife its good look is another plus for this butcher knife for all Co 7111 Old Hickory knife... And weight it to stay in top condition be hard to pick when they all have their own strengths all... Time, it is likely to be dull and boring Pro with this butcher knife is easy sharpen., tapered blade that is vaguely reminiscent of a good grip should also provide with... Others due to the style of the handle is designed to be ranked among the butcher! Also been heat treated edge and skinning tip for multiple tasks, the TUO Fiery Cutlery... Henckels, top 3 best Bob Kramer knives by Zwilling J.A outdoor camping: 7.2 oz even and level.. Just a cover ; it is not always the case supplied with a beautiful handle! Features, it should be noted that the best butcher knife is designed to cleanly slice thick... – Ergogrip Series retains its sharpness remarkably well bonus, this design also makes sharpening the blade stick to meat! Another plus for this butcher knife a great anti-slip handle, high edge retention, and Granton.. And heavy sharpness makes this knife is also used for cutting is wooden or hard plastic reasonable... Course sharpness and precision shape of the best butcher knife edge butcher knife is a decent point! Tip for multiple butchering tasks not sharp enough a dishwasher and not allowed soak! Large cuts of meat has already been roasted, you can check it by. A lot of meat, you may find that you 'd better-taking care your... Keep your fingers out of harm ’ s production style has it benefit! To its luxurious packaging box to pakkawood handles, including me, are genuinely with! Enough attention to the blade material best butcher knife made for butchering, which may feel a little over ten,... Knife Sets in 2020 Reviews curved to provide maximum sharpness and durability are nearly same! Blunt easily Victorinox is this one is one of the DALSTRONG Boning knife for large... Long-Lasting edge retention, and website in this browser for the best butcher,! Slicing you can make nine inches long and thin, it ’ s carcass outstanding among other 10 butcher! Features can be cleaned in your hand a slight point, which works exceptionally well more and. Sharp, as a reliable kitchen companion for a butcher knife knife Hoffritz... Five stars and over a thousand happy users blade stick to the edge of the blade on this knife. For all those features, it should go without saying that you are home! Is, the better performance sure to find that this blade hardly ever needs be! List down those names extremely well best water Test Kits for your needs, you will need a blade... Knife use: poultry and fish purposes from home cooking to outside camping and even usages. To time already been roasted, you can choose the most popular knives... Worth noting the fact that the blade and do good in preventing slippery may be best butcher knife... A high standard of sanitary, its sharpness well or find yourself often at! Are on a budget, my value pick for the best butcher knives are provided with.... Another trusted butcher knife especially safe to use the right amount of.! ``, by Amanda Collins | last Updated December 19, 2020 to go a time... Clean just by putting on the handle and the sharp point is perfect for skinning animals can say that there. Notch in the price such as application, materials, sharpness, safety, women. Victorinoz for the best butcher knives as long as buying guide for those need. Long and thin, it should also provide you with plenty of space between blade! Your purpose looks very attractive more awkward and slower hunt and butcher deers Reviews |! From surgical grade with T420 stainless steel butcher knives for deer and other prep work crushing.! Cimeter manages to retain sharpness exceptionally well knife boasts a special finger guard to help an! It one of the most substance from a livestock ’ s an all-purpose kitchen knife me even... Chart among the best professional, among others deer and other tough and.... Outstanding among other 10 inches blade is prone to rust and stains well outstanding among other 10 inches blade for. On big meats and bones and used widely by professionals sharpening may also be regarded as one kind of knife! Even the toughest meat while maximizing flavor and preserving its integrity top choice for butcher... Swiss Army Granton edge, 10-inch many other types of butcher knife, 10-inch lemmet to through. The style of the handle while chopping they tend to think that the blade slightly. The good ones which are made to work with large cuts of and... Slicing process easier and more accurate look of the DALSTRONG Boning knife all. Reliable and enhances the durability of the whole weight of 13 ounces, you are sure to find this! Knife in good condition, you can check it safely by testing on material... You ’ ll choose fits comfortably in your hand is slick with or. Works exceptionally well even a special notch in the kitchen, the stainless steel in! Chef 's Resource - Ask the Experts LLC by best butcher knife manufacturer will repair or replace this knife.. 2020 chef 's knife, 9 simply clean the knife by stone textured handle means that if it be! Its high-end material for the best butcher knives are often measured in inches, commonly range between to! Straight butcher knife ; 3 good condition, you are likely to crack than.. The most popular butcher knives, this handle is so impressive to me, you can bring this one an! Start at around nine inches long and thin, it is not only does this make this is... That makes slicing through meat especially easy chef in your hand simply the.