Bermuda banned all fast-food restaurants to squelch a McDonald's planned for the island. One of the major threats that McDonalds faced was the quality relationship between the management and the franchise dealers. The line of products offered in America and India are stated in a table form as follows; By analyzing both the tables its understood that America has got a variety of products with beef and pork base due to its high consumption rate amongst the Americans but in India it is not that because of the Indian culture which do not permit its people to consume beef and pork by going against their culture and religious values. McDonald’s knows Hindu do not eat beef and yet they still put beef extract in the oil, the reason may the company didn’t understand the Hindu culture clearly. McDonald's: McDonald's Restaurants Ltd - Health, Nutrition, Environmental, Animal Welafare, Employement, Social Awareness> One of the issues rising from McDonald's CSR work, revolves around the Ronald McDonald house charity. The EIF currently has 3.64% of equity assets invested in McDonald’s. Originally founded in 1954 as a hamburger stand in California, McDonalds is a multinational fast food retailer with presence in over 100 countries (McDonalds, n.d.). Maintaining standardized environment in all the outlets without any fail. Firstly the company must understand how differences in culture affect the practice of the business. McDonald’s, American fast-food chain that is one of the world’s largest, known for its hamburgers, especially Big Macs. The Indian population is very diverse and complex as nation is split between different communities, religions (e.g. The 32,000 restaurants situated all over around 120 countries are typically franchises, they all receive food and packing from the same approved vendors. We serve delicious food people feel good about eating, with convenient locations and hours and affordable prices, and by working hard to offer the speed, choice and personalization our customers expect. McDonald’s Political Action Committee Information about the McDonald's Corporation Political Action Committee (the “McDonald’s PAC”), which is funded with voluntary contributions made by McDonald's employees and U. S. Owner/Operators, is available through a website maintained by … In India, one of the things which are highly influenced by … The few most effective steps that can be taken in order to effectively solve problems of intercultural interactions and working are as follows; Giving respect to others and their cultures, Being patient and not getting frustrated easily, Asking questions to clear doubts and avoid misunderstandings, Knowing the difference between humor and insult, One persons humor can be the other persons insult, Being positive and avoiding mistakes to happen again, Self improvement in respect to own communication and motivation style to be accepted by others, Intercultural Training of Culture Assimilator: –. Therefore McDonalds is enjoying the benefits of such conditions as it’s a brand which is there in the industry over 70 plus years of successful business and expansion. Difficulty for the home country to follow such norms while marketing and commencing its business worldwide. Our journey towards good. We have always strived to be an environmentally responsible business. Another reason for using autocratic management style is that the people who are better trained for certain tasks will be needed to do them at busier times. McDonald’s, American fast-food chain that is one of the world’s largest, known for its hamburgers, especially Big Macs. McDonald's devotes a lot of effort to adapting itself to local tastes. I’ve examined essential political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological factors that affect the current and future success of McDonald’s. In India McDonalds have got over 160 restaurants covering the main cities of the north, south, west and east region. Even Scrooge would say Bah Yum-bug to a free Big Mac ®, McDouble ® and so much more. It needs a steady diet of consumers to feed those locations and keep the company growing. As India being a very ancient country and one of the lands of the ancient river valley civilizations, McDonald’s had to consider the cultural, economical and sociopolitical factors in India. A systematic flow chart has been prepared and presented above to understand the restaurants management structure in McDonalds followed all over the globe. Cleanliness, comfortable and healthy environment. As a result, these factors significantly impact … Experiencing an immense business growth over the years they came up with an excellent concept of “Self-Service”. McDonalds was started in May 15, 1940 in California, USA by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonalds. In fact, the McDonald’s has proved to the local culture to adopt their culture.